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My Journey Toward Safer Skincare

Heidi Childers

TL/DR: I’ve recently decided to join forces with Beautycounter, and I want to take the opportunity to tell you about what’s led to this fun new development. Help me celebrate a really, really big career switcheroo in my life by shopping my big LAUNCH SOCIAL through July 5.

My journey has been slow. Really, really slow.

Anyone who has known me for more than a decade (and thanks to my age, that’s a lot of people now…) knows that over the years, I’ve slowly and steadily been inching towards better care for myself. Around the time I graduated from college, I got serious about hitting the gym and getting stronger, quit smoking, and paid more attention to the food I ate. A lot of this was due to my own vanity (relatively superficial, but real nonetheless) and was an attempt to clean up my act. I was in my early 20s in Chicago, and I was meeting people, making friends, dating, and trying to build a life for myself in a new city. 

Eventually, these little acts of self-improvement turned into a genuine desire to get healthier. I started focusing on getting better sleep, managing my stress (still a major WIP), and building connections through friendships that are still solid and strong to this day. I became a personal trainer and a massage therapist to pay it forward, attempting to educate and motivate those around me to level-up in whatever way(s) they felt inspired. To this day, I continue to share whatever I learn, whether people are ready to take it or leave it. Ultimately, everyone has their own journey on their own timetable, as I have mine.

The last of my swaps/upgrades over the years have come in the form of cleaning up the “little things” that are actually really big, huge things when you think about them and especially when they all add up. We invested in a fancy water filter at home, replaced a lot of our plastic, started making our own household cleaners and/or buying safer versions of them, and began to tackle our last holdouts — the toiletries — one by one. I even dabbled in making some stuff on my own. It’s kind of amazing what you can make when you have a basic stock of a few oils, butters, and vinegar. But, the thing about using homemade stuff is that sometimes it’s not as effective as I need them to be. It took me about three years to find a deodorant that didn’t burn my armpits and was able to keep me from smelling too ripe…

The whole thing has been a slow, steady journey. It’s been one full of reading, studying, and making upgrades little by little. We still have a ways to go, and that’s alright. We’re not made of money, so it’s not like we can chuck all of our stuff at once and start over. Some people have that option; we do not.

Anyway, I’d be lying if I said my “why” behind all these changes has been the same the whole time. Like I said: what started in vanity morphed into better health and the desire to motivate and inform those around me. If I was so concerned about what goes into my body, it makes sense that I’d be equally concerned with what goes onto my body, right? All of this was exaggerated even more when I got pregnant with Cairo. Growing and housing another little human made me more choosey about what went into/onto my body. And, now that he’s Earthside, we still do what we can for his health and ours, to the best of our ability. We’re aiming for general upward progress, not perfection. 

What helped?

There are a handful of things that made this transition easier. The ThinkDirty app and the EWG were good places to start, as was having the awareness to read labels and the desire to simplify. Mutual support was also huge. Jay didn’t balk at me wanting to overhaul everything that made its way into our home. In fact, he pushed me to do more.

I also cannot deny the privilege of having both the time and resources to make our own stuff and afford the safer options, which generally carry a higher price tag. For us, the hope is that sacrificing the extra dough up front will mean we’re dealing with fewer health issues down the road, but again, this is coming from a place of privilege. (And let me be clear: sometimes you do all the “right” things and still end up with a string of bad luck.)

When it comes to safer skincare, there are now a myriad of options popping up all over the place, and I love it. I hope that this trend continues, and that the availability these products soon eclipse the more traditional, junkier ones. Let’s choose to operate from a place of abundance, not scarcity.

Let me get to the point. (I know, I ramble.)

I’ve decided to throw my support behind Beautycounter as a consultant. So, if you love their stuff, consider buying through me (just by using my link). And if you’ve never tried their stuff, I suggest you do — especially if you’re working towards safer skincare. And if you’re not, why not?! There’s a whole mess of crap that makes its way into makeup and skincare products that don’t need to be in there.

Honestly, I love nearly everything I’ve ever bought from Beautycounter. Disclaimer: I have relatively easy-to-care-for skin and a medium skin tone with olive undertones. I don’t wear much makeup, but when I do, it’s been Beautycounter for the better part of the last 18 months. My skincare routine, which is inconsistent but improving, is also comprised primarily of Beautycounter.

So, the fact that I’d become a consultant kinda makes sense, doesn’t it? I’ve been mulling over the idea for months, and I finally decided to hop onboard as I’ll be wrapping up my more traditional day job this week and jumping into a much more flexible combination of jobs in order to create more alignment with my values.

But, let’s not get it twisted.

No, I don’t get all of my products from Beautycounter, and no, I won’t tell you to do that either. If it works for you, your budget, and your lifestyle, great! Get more! If it doesn’t, then try something else. Every individual is different, and we’re also different over time. Do what works for you. All I ask is that you consider your options and make informed decisions. By the way, this goes for literally everything you do in your life, not just skincare.

I do want to take a minute to clear up some misconceptions, though. I questioned them. Undoubtedly, I’ll get a fair amount of raised eyebrows and perhaps an eye-roll or two.

Beautycounter is not an MLM. You never have to buy through a consultant. You can go straight to the website or drop into a store to buy your goodies. But why do that when you can help a friend?

Beautycounter doesn’t require me to buy a whole mess of stuff up front or carry any inventory. Trust me, I know what some of these companies will do to make a buck off of consultants that will likely never make a dime themselves. You order online and get stuff shipped right to you!

And finally, I know a lot of people avoid buying through consultants because they’re afraid of things getting awkward AF when you inevitably pressure them into buying something or, worse yet, try to recruit them. Fear not, friends. I have zero desire to actively recruit. Beautycounter consultants do not ever need to recruit, and for that, I am grateful.

So what does this mean I’m going to do, and how can you help? I’ll promote great deals and new fun things through my social channels. If you have questions, ask me! If you want to try something, tell me! If you want to buy something, use my link! Easy peasy.

At the end of the day, all I want to do is make safer skincare more accessible to those around me, whether that’s with Beautycounter or not. And as with everything, I want to educate. I want to inform. I want to raise awareness of the choices you have. From there, you do you, boo.

Let’s get this party started. Shop my big launch social through July 5!


Some News, a Site Revamp, and Thai Massage Jam!

Heidi Childers

I guess it’s no secret that I was terrible at updating throughout 2018.

TL/DR: a lot happened. My part-time massage practice took off. We got pregnant. I started a new full-time job. We had the most beautiful baby boy. Pregnancy transformed me and has since influenced the direction of my practice and future work.

I’ve been working on updates to this website to more accurately reflect my massage practice and other things I have coming up. More to come on that, and more updates will be made to the site as things roll out.

For now, the biggest bit of wellness-related news is the newest chapter of the Thai Massage Jam®! I am proud of be hosting this chapter in South Austin. Head on over to the Thai Massage Jam® page for general details and to the Events page for upcoming dates. I hope to see you there!

More to come soon,

HEIDIROXFIT is Live & Moving Jan 1, 2018!

Heidi Childers

Hello folks!

Thanks for stopping by!

BIG NEWS: Starting in January 2018, I am moving my home-based practice to an official massage space! I will be taking clients at my own dedicated massage therapy room within the VertAlign office in South Austin. Come visit me at 1110 W William Cannon Dr and check out my new digs. :)

To celebrate this move, I'm changing up my pricing (read: much more affordable!) and offering volume discounts on packages. Use the form on the Contact page to check on pricing and availability.

Finally, when you're launching (or re-launching, in this case), you can't forget about Facebook, right? Please wander on over to my Facebook page and like it, would ya? I'll be forever grateful for your support. <3

Many thanks!