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Chicago, IL


All services are available on a mat (strongly preferred) or massage table. My specialty is mat-based bodywork, and I encourage all clients to give it a try. It allows for greater accessibility, space, and pressure while remaining fully clothed.

deep tissue

For everyone, especially those with specific ailments.

60, 90, 120 minutes

Any client of mine will warn you that I do not have a light touch. I work deeply, aiming to address pain, using a range of techniques (e.g. deep compressions, trigger point therapy, fascial release, cupping, etc.). It may not be appropriate for someone looking for a lighter, gentler massage. I often joke that if you’re looking for a relaxing, spa-like treatment, I am not your girl (but I do have referrals for you!). That said, deep pressure does not equal pain, and pain does not equal progress. You will be asked to breathe deeply, communicate, and provide feedback during these sessions.

These sessions are available on the mat and on the table, and upon appointment setup, we can discuss what is best for our upcoming session.

(& postpartum)

For birthing people-to-be*
(and newer parents).

60 minutes

I find it ironic that so many massage therapists are too intimidated to provide firm pressure in prenatal massages, despite the fact that their clients will eventually be going through the intense physical and mental experience that is labor. In these sessions, we aim to bring about relaxation through compression (avoiding specific pressure points) and careful mobilization (hello, relaxin!).

These sessions are available on the mat, fully clothed with bolsters as needed. This allows us to have more room to work and better angles for firm pressure, all without any worries about draping.


For athletes, weekend warriors, and movement enthusiasts of all kinds.

60, 90, 120 minutes

Pre-event, post-event, and ongoing sports massage will all differ in technique, depth, and intention. Pre-event massage focuses mostly on increasing circulation, mobilizing joints, and gentle stretching to prepare the body for the upcoming task. Post-event massage is primarily used for recovery, decreased muscle soreness, and a quicker return to training. Ongoing sports massage, which makes up the majority of the sports massage that I provide, is used as a tool for maintenance and self-care for those training regularly. Through ongoing sports massage sessions, we can address issues as they arise, lessening the chances for injury and/or overuse issues.

These sessions are available on the mat and on the table, and upon appointment setup, we can discuss what is best for our upcoming session.

Thanks to my Thai roots, I’ve been fortunate to receive traditional Thai massage throughout my life from extended family and friends. Thai massage generally has a flow and doesn’t focus on any particular issues or areas of the body. These are full body, relaxing sessions, comprised of stretching, mobilization, and deep compressions. For the therapist (at least in my experience), the session feels quite meditative — almost akin to a dance. For the client, the end result is similar to having completed a yoga class — refreshed, relaxed, and more mobile.

These sessions are always performed on a mat, fully clothed with bolsters as needed.

traditional thai

For those looking for a relaxing, full-body, traditional Thai flow.

90 minutes