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Chicago, IL


Some News, a Site Revamp, and Thai Massage Jam!

Heidi Childers

I guess it’s no secret that I was terrible at updating throughout 2018.

TL/DR: a lot happened. My part-time massage practice took off. We got pregnant. I started a new full-time job. We had the most beautiful baby boy. Pregnancy transformed me and has since influenced the direction of my practice and future work.

I’ve been working on updates to this website to more accurately reflect my massage practice and other things I have coming up. More to come on that, and more updates will be made to the site as things roll out.

For now, the biggest bit of wellness-related news is the newest chapter of the Thai Massage Jam®! I am proud of be hosting this chapter in South Austin. Head on over to the Thai Massage Jam® page for general details and to the Events page for upcoming dates. I hope to see you there!

More to come soon,